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Data Manager API

GET Get Column Types

This request returns an array of column types that are supported by Data Manager.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response FormatsJSON, XML
AuthenticationYes (Requires Key)
Rate LimitedYes

Request Parameters

Request ParameterDescriptionRequired
A unique key to authorize use of the API.Yes
Specifies the format of the response. Must be one of the following, if supplied:
  • json
  • xml
Default = json

Description of Column Types

  • Geography - Geography type of the location; stores data in latitude/longitude coordinates
  • String - String type; limit of 500 characters
  • Numeric - Numbers including integers, decimals, floats, and other precise values
  • Integer - Positive whole numbers, negative whole numbers, or zero
  • Boolean - True/False values
  • Text - Text type; maximum character string that can be stored is 1 GB
  • FullAddress* - Full address of the location; This should be used when the location is in the form of a single-line address.
  • Street* - Street of the location
  • City* - City of the location
  • StateProvince* - State or Province of the location
  • PostalCode* - Zip/Postal Code of the location
  • County* - County of the location
  • Country* - Country of the location
  • Latitude* - Latitude of the location
  • Longitude* - Longitude of the location

Note: Address information is used to geocode the locations. However, if latitude and longitude column types are provided, no geocoding is done for the location.

* Restricted to only one instance of this column type per table.

Example Request


Example Response

  "types": [
  "info": {
    "statusCode": 0,
    "copyright": {
      "text": "© 2023 MapQuest, Inc.",
      "imageUrl": "",
      "imageAltText": "© 2023 MapQuest, Inc."
    "messages": []
            <imageAltText>© 2023 MapQuest, Inc.</imageAltText>
            <text>© 2023 MapQuest, Inc.</text>