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Traffic API

GET Flow Image

The Flow Request returns an image of the current traffic for a particular area.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response FormatsGIF, PNG
AuthenticationYes (Requires Key)
Rate LimitedYes

Request Parameters

Request ParameterDescriptionRequired
keyThe API Key, which is needed to make requests to MapQuest services.yes
imageTypeThe format of the image. Can be gif or, defaults to gif
mapWidthwidth of the image (in pixelsyes
mapHeightheight of the image (in pixels)yes
mapLatlatitude of the map center (in degrees), must be between -90 and 90yes
mapLnglongitude of the map center (in degrees), must be between -180 and 180yes
mapScalemap scale (in points (1/72 of an inch) per pixel).
The scale must be one of the following values:
  • 10: 433343
  • 11: 216671
  • 12: 108335
  • 13: 54167
  • 14: 27083
  • 15: 13541
  • 16: 6770
  • 17: 3385
  • 18: 1692


The combination of mapHeight, mapWidth and mapScale parameters must cover an area no more than 1 degree in either direction. An error message will inform you if this is exceeded.

Example Request


Example Response (Flow Image)

The following sample returns a 400x400 pixel image centered on Arlington, VA, with a scale of 108335 (zoom level of 12)

flow example