Directions API

Narrative Microformat

The microformat Narrative type adds <span> tags that have semantic value. This lets you easily style part of the narrative, and includes the adr format found at

Class Name Description
nav-cmd The top level parent element of the maneuver.
compass-dir The directional component of the maneuver. (ex: East, West, Northwest)
relative-dir The turn direction. (ex: left, right)
type The type of maneuver to make. (ex. Turn, Keep Going, Merge)
street-name Parent element of a collection of street names.
first, second, third The streets that make up a street-name. (ex. US-222/US-30)
regular A normal street along the maneuver.
intersecting A street that intersects the maneuver.
toward-sign Toward sign on the maneuver. Usually a highway interchange.
exit-sign The exit sign name on a maneuver.
label The text of an exit sign.
value The numerical value of the exit sign.
branch-sign A branch sign on the maneuver. Usually part of an exit.
note Extra information about the maneuver.
toll Messaging to indicate the user on a toll road.
adr A location. See the hCard specification for the class names that make up a location microformat.


Example Request


Sample Narrative Microformat

Sample Javascript to Manipulate Narrative

function turnBold() {
    var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('street-name'), i = 0, element;

    for (; i < elements.length; i++) {
        element = elements[i]; = 'bold';