Search API

Hosted Data Object

The following table describes the parameters needed to make a Hosted Data request. Refer to the Data Sets section below to see what types of MapQuest-hosted data sets are available for searching. Also, with a MapQuest account, you upload your custom data sets to the MapQuest Data Manager and search them by using a Hosted Data request.

Name Description
The name of the Data Manager table to search.
The SQL WHERE clause to query the data; used to narrow down the results.
The second portion of the WHERE clause; used to narrow down the results.
The list of fields to return with each result. All fields will be returned if this parameter is not passed into the request.


The following are examples of a Hosted Data Request which only return POI results within the city of Denver. It is also customized to only return the name, address, city, and state fields.

Note: When querying your own hosted Data Manager tables, it is recommended that field names are entered in lowercase. Otherwise, you may encounter errors related to the field names.

Type Example
Key/Value Pairs
?hostedData=mqap.ntpois|city ILIKE ?|denver|name,address,city,state
"hostedDataList": [
    "tableName": "mqap.ntpois",
    "extraCriteria": "City ILIKE ?",
    "parameters": [
    "columnNames": [
        <extraCriteria>City ILIKE ?</extraCriteria>

Data Sets

Name Description Enterprise
mqap.ntpois Default data set of approximately 13.5 million Points of Interest for the U.S. and Canada. Free
mqap.internationalpois Data set of Points of Interest outside of the U.S. and Canada. Free
mqap.uspostalcodes Zip codes of the United States. Free
mqap.geonttowns Data set containing locations of city centers. Free
mqap.usstateboundaries Data set containing US state boundaries information. Free